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Who we are?

Equal Capable Jobs, formerly known as Divyang Job Portal, is an initiative in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Rajkot, dedicated to empowering individuals with physical challenges by providing them equal opportunities in the job market. Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between physically challenged individuals and rewarding employment opportunities through a user-friendly online platform.

Since its inception in 1938, the Rotary Club of Rajkot has been a pioneer in community service, being the oldest club in Saurashtra and the third oldest in R.I. District 306. The club’s rich history dates back to its inaugural meeting on August 10, 1938, followed by its official induction into Rotary on December 9 of the same year. Charter No. 4894 was bestowed upon the club on January 22, 1939, under the leadership of Dr. D.H. Variava, the inaugural president, along with 16 esteemed founders, including three Englishmen, and the distinguished Late PDG. Dr. A.P. Mehta.

Initially convening biweekly gatherings at various locations, including homes and colleges, the club fostered a welcoming and inclusive environment. However, since 1943, our meetings have been held at the Masonic Hall, with a significant shift to weekly gatherings commencing in 1947, following a resolution at the District Conference and subsequent approval by Rotary International, thereby enhancing the club’s dynamism and engagement in community endeavors.

Rajkot, renowned as the hub of the Kathiawar Agency, has been synonymous with proficient leaders, lawyers, and professionals. Throughout its illustrious journey, the Rotary Club of Rajkot has consistently attracted members who have made substantial contributions to Rotary’s global initiatives, further cementing our commitment to service above self.

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Our Vision

Equal Capable Jobs aims to help people with physical challenges find jobs that are right for them. We want everyone to have the same chance to work and succeed based on their skills and abilities. We believe in recognizing and valuing their skills and talents, enabling them to thrive professionally lives.

Our Mission

The Divyang Job Portal serves as a bridge, connecting physically challenged individuals with employment opportunities through a user-friendly platform. We aim to equalize access to employment by offering accommodations and promoting awareness of the potential of physically challenged individuals.

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Why Choose Equal Capable Jobs Portal?

We help Company and Employee to grow...

At our core, we are dedicated to facilitating the growth of both companies and employees alike. By providing comprehensive support, guidance, and resources, we empower companies to thrive in their respective industries and achieve their business objectives. Simultaneously, we prioritize the development and success of employees, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth that align with their aspirations.

Together, we create a symbiotic environment that fosters mutual growth and long-term success for both companies and individuals.